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The move will be quite expensive, you calculated. With all costs for the car, the painting and the new furniture you get 3000 USD. You don’t have this money just like that. For this reason, a bank should help with a 3000 USD loan. But which financial institution offers the best offer in this regard? You would like to repay the 3000 USD loan over a period of 48 months.

The site helps in finding the right money house with its loan calculator tool. In this you can enter the desired amount (3000 USD) and the desired period (48 months) for the loan and then get the results. These are arranged according to the amount of the monthly installments, but also provide the effective annual interest rate, the acceptance rate of previous loan applicants, the information as to whether the loan is approved immediately and a customer evaluation in duplicate. On the one hand, the number of customers who found the financial institution positive is shown, on the other hand, this value is also converted into a point specification. A bank can achieve a maximum of ten and a minimum of zero points.

The best 3000 USD loan is offered by Agreebank. She has him repaid in monthly installments at $ 68.02. This rate is the result of the bank’s annual percentage rate, which ranges between 4.29 percent and 9.99 percent. The acceptance rate is just over 70 percent. The loan is committed immediately. In the customer rating, Agreebank achieved 89 percent or nine out of ten points.

Online credit follows in second place. The internet bank requires a monthly installment of $ 68.09 for a $ 3000 loan. The annual percentage rate is between 4.35 percent and 10.90 percent. The acceptance rate is around 50 percent. The customer rating reaches 85 percent. This also gives online credit nine out of ten points.

The Credit Bank, which secures the bronze rank, even gets ten out of ten points because its customer rating is 91 percent. The acceptance rate is just over 60 percent. The monthly installments for a 3000 USD loan start at 68.16 USD. The annual percentage rate is from 4.40 percent to 11.95 percent. The following applies to all banks: if the borrower wants the cheapest interest rate, he should make the loan application together with his partner or a confidant.

The banks set these conditions for a 3000 USD loan

The banks set these conditions for a 3000 USD loan

If you want to have a 3000 USD loan, you have to meet certain conditions of the banks. This includes a permanent residence in Germany and the age of majority. However, the following two conditions are far more important: a secure job, which guarantees the bank sufficient creditworthiness because of the salary, and no negative entry with the protection association for general credit protection.

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